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Mission & Values

Iman Hassan (BSc, ANutr)

Registered Private Nutritionist
Weight Management Specialist


I started my journey in health and wellbeing ten years ago after the birth of my daughter. I was tired all the time, had terrible skin and couldn't shed the baby weight. A few fad diets later, I decided to do a bachelors degree in health and nutrition. I graduated with high class honours, then went on to do a personal training course to improve my training.

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I have spent the past eight years helping hundreds of clients from all around the world achieve better health and more balance in their life. My areas of expertise include weight management and gut health.


To empower each and everyone to achieve optimal health and balance through the transformative power of nutrition.


Simplify and share evidence based nutrition knowledge and provide practical tools to help people make sustainable and positive changes in their lives.

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The Values


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I believe in empowering at an individual level through science- backed knowledge and a practical toolkit, so you can make effective changes towards sustainable results.


I am motivated by kindness, care and compassion, and consistently committed to delivering a personalised experience that's understanding and supportive.

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No fads, no diet, no pills, only

real authentic advice, backed by science and delivered with integrity and honesty.

The Approach


Your body and your health is as unique as your story, that's why I use a tailored approach with full guidance every step of the way. Celebrating your successes and helping you overcome obstacles.

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A Lifestyle

Longevity is at the heart of everything I create. I believe in an approach that can be effortlessly sustained with remarkable results.


My approach is grounded in science and constantly evolves with the latest nutritional, behavioural and sports science.

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Lina King

Your program and your constant

support saved my life

Liz Hay

Iman has given me the tools to never go back to that unhappy place

Angela Kawa

I've lost 11 kgs and feel so much better, I'm lighter and can do so much more

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