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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

This crunchy and hydrating recipe is the perfect way to nourish through a heatwave. It works great as a light meal or satisfying snack. With adequate amounts of protein and fibre, it is nourishment with a purpose.



Tuna is a delicious source of lean protein, helping you feel satiated at a low calorie cost. It is also a good source of dietary vitamin D, important for regulating your mood.


This delicious fruit is hydrating and an excellent way to add more fibre into your diet (if you eat it with the skin on) I often use it to bulk up my meals at a very low calorie cost.

Red pepper

Similar to cucumber, red bell pepper is hydrating and filling thanks to its fibre content but still calorie friendly, which makes it an excellent food to bulk up meals with. Rich in the antioxidant -vitamin C, this delicious fruit can give your body a helping hand at protecting your cells against damage.

Pickled Gherkins

I use this ingredient to provide a salty crunch to this delicious recipe. Pickles can act as a probiotic if fermented, but not all pickled fruits and vegetables are fermented.


Yoghurt is an excellent alternative to mayonnaise because it is much more nutritious and calorie friendly. Although I still use a little bit of Mayonnaise in this recipe for a more creamy taste, My first choice of a base for dressing and sauces is usually yoghurt because of how beneficial it can be for the gut due to the probiotic content.


Pickles and dill are a match made in heaven, using herbs is an effortless way to enhance the flavour, scent and appearance of your meals. This beautiful herb is rich in nutrients. When used in low quantities the benefits are less but overtime, continues use may add up providing long-term nutritional benefits.

Crunchy tuna salad cucumber boats

Serves 1


-1 can tuna (80g), drained

-¼ red pepper, finely diced

-1 small pickled gherkin, finely diced

-2 tablespoons yoghurt

-1 teaspoon light mayo

-½ cucumber, sliced in half and seeds removed using a spoon

-Dry or fresh dill


-Mix the tuna, pepper, gherkin, yoghurt and mayo in a bowl.

-Spread the mixture on the cucumber boats and garnish with dill.

Iman The Nutritionist (BSc, ANutr)

Registered Private Nutritionist

Weight Management Specialist

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