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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

If time is a limitation between you and healthy eating, this easy and tender one-pot chicken is the solution to get you on the health track. This-fall-off-the-bone chicken got 10/10 from my partner and 9.8/10 from my daughter. Let me tell you, neither of them are usually easy to please.



This nutritious animal protein is one of the most consumed meats across the world. It is super easy to cook and takes on flavour pretty well. It helps that it's also rich in Niacin (vitamin B3), needed for optimum energy production.


Considered a superfood by some, mushrooms are getting a lot of attention due to their health benefits. I add them to this meal for a little more fibre and a boost of antioxidants (compounds that protect your body from free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can damage your cells).


The main purpose of leeks in this recipe is for fibre and flavour. Fibre is satiating and very useful for supporting your gut microbiome. Adding low calorie vegetables such as leeks and mushrooms to your meals allows you to get maximum benefits at little calorie cost, I call this a win-win.


Serves 3-4


-1 medium chicken, cleaned, split in half across the chest

-1.5 cup chestnut mushrooms, finely chopped

-1 whole large leek, trimmed and washed, finely chopped

-1 cup vegetable stock (use 1 stock cube in 1 cup boiling water/ I recommend kallo stock cubes)

-150ml single cream

The Butter spread

-20g butter (melt in the microwave)

-Juice of one lemon, plus a little zest

-1tablespoon mixed dried herbs

-Garlic powder, to taste/ optional

-Salt (the butter I used was unsalted, thus why I added a generous amount of salt)

-Ground black pepper

To Serve

-Corn on the cob, potatoes, rice or starchy carb of choice


- Preheat oven on 200°C/ gas mark 6 (no fan) or 7 (fan)

-Mix the butter spread ingredients while the butter is liquified then let it sit a to solidify.

-Use a large oven-proof or casserole dish with a lid, pour in the stock (let it cool down before you pour in the cream), next add the cream, leeks, mushrooms and mix well.

- Add your chicken and press down hard so it can sit in the base and soak in all the flavour while it's cooking.

-Spread the butter mixture all over the chicken, ensuring you cover as much of the chicken as possible. Cover the dish with the lid and place in the oven. Let the chicken cook with the lid on for 40 minutes, then remove lid and cook for another 20 minutes or until the chicken is nice and golden to your liking.

-Once cooked, remove from the oven, let it cool down for a few minutes and serve with salad, corn on the cob, rice, couscous, potatoes, or whatever you like. I enjoyed mine with a lovely corn on the cob.

Iman The Nutritionist (BSc, ANutr)

Registered Private Nutritionist

Weight Management Specialist

If you need support with improving your health through optimum nutrition, you can book a complimentary discovery call today.

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